E-Mail marketing


E-Mail marketing In Lahore Pakistan  is fast and easy to use and for many of us it has become one of our favorite channels of communication, both for business and pleasure. E-Mail marketing In Lahore Pakistan is the practice of sending sales letters or customer newsletters by E-Mail marketing In Lahore Pakistan. E-Mail marketing In Lahore Pakistan communications are often more effective than printed direct mail, because a reader can click on a link and go straight to the sender’s web site. E-Mail marketing In Lahore Pakistan effective way of increasing sales and building customer relationships is there to be seen.

If you aren’t using email to communicate with your customer lists you are missing out big time. You NEED to be collecting the name and email address In Lahore Pakistan of every customer and potential customer you can. If you come in contact with someone who expresses even the faintest interest in what you do you need to have some mechanism in place to capture their name and email info.

Advantages of E-mail Marketing

E-Mail marketing In Lahore Pakistan is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to businesses of all types and sizes.
  •         Email marketing is very less expensive to other marketing way.
  •         Fast advertising way, email arrives in a few seconds.
  •         Email advertiser can track positive or negative responses.
  •         You can deliver your products directly to your customers without having to use a courier.
  •         Email marketing generates an immediate response.
  •         Emails unsubscribe option help to shortlist genuinely interested.
Email Addresses Available for following categories,
  •         General Business
  •         Business Emails
  •         Business Yellow pages
  •         Executives & Companies                                                           
  •         Karachi Visiting Directory
  •         Automobiles
  •         Banks in Pakistan
  •         Computers
  •         Chambers of Commerce                                                      
  •         Exporters
  •         Importers
  •         Manufacturers

  •         Sports Goods
  •         Hotels
  •         IT Companies
  •         Dealers
  •         Online Companies
  •         Shipping Agents in Pakistan
  •         Petroleum & Oil Companies
  •         Travels Agents in Pakistan
  •         Yellow Pages
  •         Medical & Health
  •         Doctors in Pakistan
  •         Trade Directory of Pakistan
  •         Agricultural & Food
  •         Vendor Directory
  •         Medical Schools in Pakistan
  •         Apparal & Fashion
  •         Exhibition Textile
  •         Yahoo Pakistani Groups
  •         Hotmail Pakistani Email Addresses
  •         ISPs
  •         Web Developers
  •         NGO’s in Pakistan
  •         Pakistani Engineers
  •         Textile & Commerce
  •         Financial Institutions & Banks
  •         Stock
Package 1
1 Time x 510000 Email
Rs: 1,500/-
Rs: 1,500/-
Package 2
2 Time x 510000 Email
Rs: 1250/-
Rs: 2,500/-
Package 3
5 Time x 510000 Email
Rs: 900/-
Rs: 4,500/-
Package 4
10 Time x 510000 Email
Rs: 750/-
Rs: 7,500/-
Package 5
15 Time x 510000 Email
Rs: 600/-
Rs: 9,000/-
Package 6
20 Time x 510000 Email
Rs: 500/-
Package 7
25 Time x 510000 Email
Rs: 450/-
Rs: 11,250/-
Email Marketing Short Packages
            No of Emails                                                                                                                Rates
            25,000                                                                                                                           5,000 Rs/-
            50,000                                                                                                                           8,000 Rs/-
            1,00,000                                                                                                                        12,000 Rs/-
           5,00,000                                                                                                                         15,000 Rs/-

About Media Burst

Media Burst is the best Marketing platform. Due to having a successful record in the field of SMS Marketing, we can confidently recommend you to take the opportunity of increasing your profits, with us. If you like our services and have trust on our work, we never let you hurt.

Masood Shamsi
Masood Shamsi
21:41 05 Nov 19
Great marketing superb customer service amazing result what starts by a good service remains reputive in all areas then as the dedication of serving correctly ends up to good results in response highly recommended a must try and experience to be used for our business's boost
Mohammad Irfan
Mohammad Irfan
10:26 04 Oct 19
I have experience the services for my tutor academy it's been a good response
Awais Safdar
Awais Safdar
11:58 28 Sep 19
A ton of marketing messages daily pulled me into deperession from january and now I'm dying. May be I will be dead in next 3 months. I tried to unsubscribe but it didn't work. I sent them msgs to unsubscribe me they didn't even respond.
adi2526 2526
adi2526 2526
10:41 18 Jul 19
A+, Media Burst Advertising is the best and the honest marketing company in Pakistan. Very knowledgeable team. I highly recommend them.
jamal ghori
jamal ghori
15:18 26 May 19
Media burst better than other one...it's a best experience to work them...
Muhammad Haris
Muhammad Haris
14:40 26 May 19
Excellent sms campaign in Rawalpindi. Got good response.
Danish Ahmed
Danish Ahmed
10:08 16 Apr 19
Its was a good experience to work with Mediaburst.pk. Very nice cooperation, time to time correspondence and coordination, really appreciate there work. I gave it a try and got a good marketing response. Good Work Team Media Burst.
Waqar Waqas
Waqar Waqas
09:41 20 Jan 19
May Allah give them more peace and prosperity. Very Good Media Burst Advertising for Pakistani Marketing. A true company which helps people. and highly recommended.
Naveed Hassan
Naveed Hassan
13:11 19 Jan 19
Highly recommended, targeted marketing. And very reasonable packages. I really appreciate the customer services. I got very quick response. 🙂
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