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MediaBurst Advertising Offered You Facebook Marketing in Pakistan. We Reached Your Post and Your Product all the Right People Who need This Type of Products with Facebook Advertising. More than one billion people are active on Facebook. More than 100 million people use Instagram every month. Facebook to connect with what matters to them, and 80% of them visit Facebook every day. We manage Relevant and engaging photo, video and links make Facebook Promotion a powerful way to sales Your Products or Services and find new customers.

There once was a time when social media sites were considered to be just for teenagers or those looking for love. However, that has just changed in recent years, especially on Facebook. Facebook has become a massive asset to advertisers, especially when they are looking to reach a niche audience. We are Target any country in the world to promote our business there, and any city of every country Facebook allows advertisers to Products and Services ads and key in on users via specific keywords in their Facebook profile.

Facebook Marketing in Pakistan and Every Country is an excellent asset to advertisers, especially since 2011 when Media Burst Advertising Established Facebook has Country-targeting and specific keyword targeting for Advertising. By using Facebook, an advertiser can target a particular audience and not feel like they are casting their net too wide. It will be interesting to see how advertisers benefit as Facebook expands their offerings, and the world of social media continues to evolve.

That is the reason online advertisers can’t disregard the potential that the interpersonal interaction titan can give to organizations. More marks are making their Facebook fan page to raise an online vicinity over the internet world.

According to American Express, as of the end of June 2011, 35 percent of entrepreneurs advertise on Facebook to promote their business to new customers. This figure is up an impressive 8% from December 2010, when only 27 percent of companies were reported to be advertising on Facebook.

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Without active social networking and advertising technique, Your Business will be troublesome for organizations to make the most out of this pattern. Adapting to it will be a battle. Online networking is developing and advancing quickly in Pakistan.

It’s including more individuals associating with one another, offering considerations and emotions through status messages, preferences, tweets, joins, photographs, features, and so forth. How joined would you say you are to your intended interest group? What numbers of individuals are discussing your business? At the point when a potential client looks for your business’ name on Google, would they say they are going to discover beside your site professionally composed and redesigned online networking profiles

*Pricing: Post Boosting All Pakistani Members Packages*

Clicks on Ad Ad Views Cost
3000 Clicks 50,000 PKR 4,500 PKR
4000 Clicks 80,000 PKR 5,500 PKR
6,000 Clicks 120,000 PKR 8,500 PKR
10,000 Clicks 200,000 PKR 15,000 PKR
25,000 Clicks 600,000 PKR 38,000 PKR

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*FaceBOOK Page Likes Packages*

(PKG 01) “5000” Real Likes ALL Pakistani Members PKR 3500/-

(PKG 02) “10000” Real Likes All Pakistani Members PKR 6500/-

(PKG 03) “25000” Real Likes ALL Pakistani Members PKR 15500/-

(PKG 04) “50000” Real Likes ALL Pakistani Members PKR 26500/-

(PKG 05) “ONE LAC” Real Likes ALL Pakistani Members PKR 50,000/-

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*Facebook Page Likes Selected city Wise Packages*

(PKG O1) “5000” Real Likes City Wise Members PKR 5000/-

(PKG 02) “10000” Real Likes City Wise Members PKR 9000/-

(PKG 03) “25000” Real Likes City Wise Members PKR 23500/-

(PKG 04) “50000” Real Likes City Wise Members PKR 42500/-

(PKG 05) “ONE LAC” Real Likes City Wise Members PKR 80000/-

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**FaceBook Page Likes Only Women Packages**

(PKG ONE) “5000” only Women Likes ALL Pakistani Members PKR 6500/-

(PKG 02) “15000 Only Women likes ALL Pakistani Members PKR 17500/-

(PKG 03) “25000” Only Women Likes ALL Pakistani Members PKR 28500/-

(PKG 04) “50000” Only Women Likes ALL Pakistani Members PKR 52500/-

(PKG 05) “ONE LAC” Only Women Likes ALL Pakistani Members PKR 99500/-

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