Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. It is the most beautiful place among all cities. Rawalpindi lies adjacent to the Islamabad and these cities jointly also called as the “twin cities.” Both cities have a strong economic and social importance.

The most population of Islamabad is highly educated. People have good understanding power to know the requirements of a business. Many companies are providing marketing services in Islamabad that are effective and also time-saving.

Media Burst is an SMS Marketing Company that intends to meet the requirements of customers by sending a bulk amount of short messages to different mobile numbers of Islamabad through software.

We are working with the best quality services thus we are an ideal marketing company in Islamabad.

Why use Text Marketer for your Bulk SMS?

Text Marketer enables to convey your message in front of a crowd in a most professional way. It is a useful and easy way to transfer your communication to bring more business. A Text marketer helps you to deliver your voice and stay in touch with customers and also to the other audience.

Of course, all businesses pretend to be liked by everyone so that they can increase their sale. If you also want to promote your business on a large scale then obviously you will search for an ideal company for your business solutions.

Here we are. After you have done business advertisement through text marketing, you will start getting results within an hour. You can sell your products or services immediately through Media Burst.

We provide marketing tools at affordable rates. Clients can choose the marketing package according to their requirements. A lot of brands are leading their business name by taking services at Media Burst. Due to our consistency in generating good profit, many people in business still prefer to receive services from us.

SMS Marketing – Media Burst Advertising

To advertise a business by sending messages at mobile phones has emerged as a crucial marketing factor. This has opened up an exciting new vista for the mass communication industry through cell phones.

On seeing the demand, our company has announced reliable services regards to text marketing that are time saving and make us distinguish from other companies due to following features. We provide:

  • Cheaper Rates
  • Fast Message Delivery
  • Quick Response
  • Related to your business Sending SMS
  • One time charges

Customer’s satisfaction has mattered a lot for us. Our team members believe in establishing cooperative atmosphere with customers thus we provide full support to our clients if they need assistance.

We provide a better and secure opportunity to promote your business through Media Burst and that’s why our clients of Islamabad have developed a good business relation with us from several years.

Nature of Business you can Promote

We are certified SMS Provider Company in Karachi and have full coverage to all networks at any city of Pakistan. You can advertise any kind of dealings by utilizing our marketing services in order to increase your business promotion such as;

  • Buy and Sale your new & used cars
  • Buy and Sale your property in Pakistan
  • Send SMS Alerts
  • Send SMS Notifications
  • Polling SMS (for Voting)
  • Sale your services
  • Product Launch SMS
  • Send Promotional SMS to your customers
  • Send Announcements via SMS
  • Send SMS Reminders to your Client
  • Send SMS Greetings to your beloved

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